TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩不用錢博奕App

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

Original Teen Patti is back. This is the same Teen Patti that you had played back in 2010.


- Introducing 'Variation of the day'. Play & win TP-Cash daily!

- Be the Global Leader. Introducing Global Leaderboard.

- Introducing Jhakaas! 50 local language chat phrases.

Original Teen Patti is extremely user friendly with easy & refreshing interface.

Original Teen Patti Game Play

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

1. Exciting Multiplayer Card Game with never seen before Graphics & a Super Seamless Game Play

2. Enjoy the fast game play experience only on your Original Teen Patti

3. Quick game play with 2 player games & 6 player games

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

4. Original Teen Patti is the best game in its category & first of its kind

Cash Flow

1. Get upto 2.5 lakh TP-cash everyday on inviting Facebook friends

2. 50,000 TP-cash each on inviting Whatsapp & WeChat friends

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

4. Daily bonus of upto 50,000 TP-Cash. Just Play Daily

Free Bonus

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

1. Joining bonus of 1 lakh TP-cash on your favourite Original Teen Patti

2. FREE daily bonus of upto 50,000 TP-Cash

Original Teen Patti Login Options

1. Easy login with Facebook or WeChat

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

2. Original Teen Patti also gives you an option of Guest login

Exciting Features

1. LEADERBOARD for professionals. Keep a track of the challenger!

2. Double the fun with exciting Variations Of Teen Patti- AK47, Muphlis, Highest Card Joker & Lowest Card Joker

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

3. Get awesome DISCOUNTED DEALS in the Product Store

4. Special GAME TUTORIAL for your ease

5. The Original Teen Patti is now also available in Hindi

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

6. Special in-game CHAT option in Hindi & English. Chat with friends while playing Original Teen Patti

7. · Original Teen Patti game uses very less battery, so now you can play for hours even with low battery

8. Extremely light app which will save your internet cost & phone storage space

Original Teen Patti Variations

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

You can play 4 variations as shown below:

1. AK47 - In this variation Aces, Kings, fours and sevens can be treated as a joker. Therefore, the joker can be replaced with a card of any color or number to create a sequence

2. Muphlis - In this card game the rankings of the card combinations are reversed: The least ranking combination has the highest rank and vice-versa

TeenPatti - Indian Poker|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

3. High Card Joker - Each player's highest-ranking card (and all other cards of that same rank/strength/number) are jokers in that player's hand only. If the two highest cards are a pair then that pair is considered as two jokers

4. Low Card Joker - In this variation, the lowest card you've got can be treated as a Joker. This means you can treat your lowest card as any card you want to make a winning combination

The Original Teen Patti game currency doesn't hold any real value outside the game & is non-transferable, non-redeemable against real cash

If you've any queries or suggestions please write to us at teen_patti@10cindia.com

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