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Download the app for the Original Goodfella’s and enjoy savings and loyalty bonuses on the best pizza and sides in Staten Island. A full bar, a wide variety of thin crust, thick crust, dessert pizza and yummy, yeasty breads cooked in a brick oven will make your mouth water. Not feeling pizza pangs? Try a fresh crisp salad, some authentic Italian pasta dishes, hero sandwiches, and stick-to-your-ribs entrées. Bring the family in for lunch or supper, meet your friends for a drink and a pie, order a party platter for the big game . . . whether you dine in, carry out, request delivery or have it catered, tap the app for savings on the world’s best brick oven pizza (and more!) from the Original Goodfella’s.

The Original Goodfella’s app provides:

• An exclusive download offer

The Original Goodfella's Pizza|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

• Loyalty punch card program

The Original Goodfella's Pizza|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

• Menus and photos

The Original Goodfella's Pizza|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

• “Pizza School” information

The Original Goodfella's Pizza|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

• Food and Drink Specials

• Discounts & Special Offers

The app is free and you will receive your first offer soon after the app is downloaded.

The Original Goodfella’s on Staten Island believes that making pizza is an art. The yeasty crust is just right, the sauces and toppings are fresh, the spices are delicate and the cheeses melt flavorfully over the top. They feel the same way about their creative cocktails, craft beer selections, hearty pasta dishes and perfectly prepared entrées and desserts. There’s even an on-site pizza school where serious pizza-rauteurs can master the art of making pizza and more. Whether you dine-in, carry out, order a party platter or opt for catering, let your fingers do the walking through the Original Goodfella’s app, on the road to pizza paradise.

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