Torrentz Search|玩不用錢生產應用App

Torrentz Search|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

Use this app to search for torrents using the meta-search engine. Enter a search term, and the app uses to search dozens of torrent databases and websites for your query.

Torrentz Search|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

You can then browse all search results at-a-glance and choose the best one. After viewing the contents of your selected torrent you can e-mail yourself a link to the page containing the torrent file or magnet link, or open the magnet link directly on your phone provided you have a magnet link handler installed.

Torrentz Search|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

An app like µTorrent Add can be used to open the magnet link directly on your phone and add it to a remote µTorrent instance via the WebUI interface.

Torrentz Search|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

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Torrentz Search|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

v 1.1: Added new ways of sharing torrents

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