Track-A-Text is a safety tool that uses real time GPS functionality of the Android to record a driver's speed at the time a text message is sent. The application works in conjunction with the Track-A-Text website establishing a viewer / viewed relationship. The viewer establishes an account at, downloads the application and designates the viewed smart phone users he/she wishes to track. Track-A-Text offers a 7-Day Free Trial to use the application with an unlimited number of users!


• A viewer can follow a single user or multiple users

• Ability to see the date, time and recorded driving speed when a text message is sent

• Ability to attach photos to defined users

• The recorded speed can be mph or kph

Uses Include:


• Tracking employees’ text message activity while driving company vehicles

• Parents tracking their child’s activity while driving

• Stakeholders who have ownership interest in the automobile in use can track activity of the driver

Other Considerations:

• The designated viewed user must create a login to the application, accept the viewer’s contact request and enable GPS tracking

• The text history is viewable both on the application and the website

• The application does not record the content of the message, only the driver’s speed at the time the message is sent


Track-A-Text will increase awareness and accountability of drivers and help eliminate driver distraction caused by texting.


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