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This theme is for Super Status Bar

////This theme only works with the premium (paid) version of Super Status Bar////

It is a condition of theirs, so there's nothing I can do about it. Please try it before purchasing this theme, and only review this based on the theme and not the performance of Super Status Bar.


After installing, you must press 'Open' to finish loading. Open Super Status Bar and select Themes then check this theme and go back. If SSB seems buggy and you get force closes, click Elements -> Panel and switch off where it says Enabled. Best for me was to leave it enabled, but turn off notifications (just shows original notifications). For all other SSB support, please contact them.

*User suggests: If you have the S5 (possibly any Kit-Kat phone), give it a full minute or so after correctly installing, then restart. He found that is what refreshed the status bar.

To get the custom system fonts seen here, you need to get them from here

After downloading (on a PC) open the .apk with winrar or 7zip and find the fonts you want in the assets folder. Then put them on your device in the sdcard or main memory (depending on install location) Android/data/com.firezenk.ssb/fonts If the fonts folder doesn't exist, create it.


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to to see many more Trek themes and apps.

This app is only one component of the whole suite to uniformly customize your phone or tablet for all parts of common use.

I also have matching themes for contacts/dialer, sms/messaging, multiple widgets, media player, launchers, switches/toggles, soundboard, keyboard, lockers/lock screens, and fonts to provide a complete uniformed makeover of your device.

If you want to get all the latest info on new Trek themes and updates, follow me on twitter @TrekTheme and my facebook page.


Also, PLEASE be sure to rate my apps. Those stars really help and are greatly appreciated.

Reviews solely based on personal wars against the Nu / J.J. Trek are not welcome. Please only review the graphics. Regardless of your feelings about the new films, the interface design team did an amazing job.

Trek: Status Bar|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

Trek: Status Bar|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

Trek: Status Bar|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

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Trek: Status Bar玩免錢App

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