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Truck Rider is back in Acidville ,

with a new concept and gameplay,exciting real time strategy game in which ,you ride your truck and prevent the flood in your town, In this rainy town, you will have to collect the rain drops and empty your truck's water load , and avoid deadly acid rains and nuke zeppelins.

But fear not Truck Rider is equipped with Acid Dryer .A powerful weapon to protect you from acid rains, use your Acid Dryer wisely harvest energy and minerals and keep your rider healthy.

While you advance ,you will be able to upgrade your truck features,town sewer capacity,Acid Dryer energy and rider health, Lots of different strategy combination, a good strategy can give you a full on long game play .

If you are speed freak, do not forget to upgrade your truck's speed as you will be able to collect and pump up water faster without flooding your town.

Truck Rider Pro|玩策略App免費|玩APPs

Do not forget if your Town Sewer is full, game is lost.You gotta keep your rider healthy at all cost ,use your acid dryer to harvest minerals from rain drops.

Try to keep all upgrades balanced and always watch your Town sewer capacity and rider health , you can also increase the pump up speed to empty your truck water faster.

Good Luck and have a fun , Acidville needs the best rider if you are up for a challenging ride, give it a go, and save Acidville from vicious rain.

You can read the simple guide about different strategies in the upgrade section.

Truck Rider Pro|玩策略App免費|玩APPs

If you need help with the gameplay and have suggestions to

improve the Truck Rider please contact our dev team.


1.Aim of the game is to prevent the flood in your town (Acidville) .

2.Sewer Water Capacity is shown on the right top ,indicating flooded water.

Truck Rider Pro|玩策略App免費|玩APPs

3.Truck Water Capacity is shown on the top left,show your collected water.

4.Avoid Acid rains ,it will reduce your health.

5.Avoid Zeppelins they throw acid rain.

6.Use Acid Dryer weapon to harvest energy(increases acid dryer enegry) from acid rain and minerals(increases rider health) from normal rain drops.

Truck Rider Pro|玩策略App免費|玩APPs

7.Rain drops needs to be collected efficiently so that sewer never fills up.

8.Dont forget the Pump Truck ,it will come to collect your water.

9.You need to find best upgrade combination to achieve high levels.

10.Never let your Sewer Water to go very high keep its capacity upgraded. Otherwise game is over.

11.Try to upgrade your sewer capacity regularly.

Truck Rider Pro|玩策略App免費|玩APPs

12.You need to also upgrade your truck speed ,so that you can collect water faster.

13.Pump speed upgrade will empty your truck faster so that you can go back to collect faster.

14.Truck Capacity upgrade will increase the amount of water you can carry.

Ride it like, it's stolen.

Truck Rider Pro|玩策略App免費|玩APPs

Borgshell Dev team

Truck Rider Pro|玩策略App免費|玩APPs

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