Turbo Download Manager|玩不用錢工具App

Turbo Download Manager|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Increase the speed of your downloads by up to 5x times as reported! The First Download Accelerating app in the Android Market! Long Press on a link from your browser => choose "Share Link" => "Turbo Download Manager" and start your download in turbo speed! From the makers that first brought Download Acceleration to Mobile Devices.

=> How does it work?

TDM makes use of multiple HTTP connections to download files to your phone. You can enable "Download Acceleration" by increasing the number of "Maximum Connections per Download" and you can further optimize your download speed by modifying the "Buffer Size" under "Settings".


Download Acceleration!

Unlimited file size downloads!

Web Browser support (Dolphin, Firefox)


Multiple Parallel downloads

Up to 10 Parallel Streams Per Download

Buffer size optimization

Configurable Download directory

Add Url links

Start/Pause Queue

Normal/Turbo Mode option

Work in the background

Turbo Download Manager|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Auto-rename files

Notifications (Visual/Sound)

Single/Multiple Notifications

Download history

Restart Download from history


* Android Stock Browser (Long Press and choose "Share Link")

* Dolphin HD ("Long press" => "Share Link")

* Firefox ("Long press" on a link => "Share Link")

* Skyfire ("Long press" on a link => "Share Link")

* Miren

* UC Browser

* Boat Browser (Choose "Open")

* For all other browsers that support sharing links try Long Press on a link and choose "Share Link".

=> TDM only Downloads Files from Servers using Direct Links.

=> TDM doesn't support Web sites that require login.

Turbo Download Manager|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

** Some Web Servers might not support multiple connections, if so use "Connections per Download" = 1 under "Settings" Or "Long Press" and use "Normal Mode" to download.

Turbo Download Manager|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

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