Hello Commander, it’s the most exciting armored game in 2016! U.C.0083 has been on! You are the one to be chosen! Come and play what you want!

Train your own robot crew and launch out for adventure!

Simple to tap on the panel to pull off potent combos!

The world of Super Robot War awaits you!

[Game Feature]


-It’s a totally new fighting system with super robots-

Space Heir is placed in orbit and robot pilots please send foes flying in no time! Deploy your own MS at the right time to form the strongest fighting combos and deal massive damage! What’s more, hundreds of original robots can cast its own attack action, skill animation and give you the most vivid voice in the world which will make it even more exciting! Re-enact thrilling showdowns from the original robot characters in your favorite super robot story!

-Build up your Robot Army in the Universe-

Here offers you the most exciting ways to build your own MS: Build, deploy, test, enhance, awaken spirit or even rob fragments. This is how the invincible robot team comes out in our phone! The different combos of robots will also showcase your true IQ and EQ.


-Let’s go outer universe to conquer other planets-

Explore the outer space to build up your stronger kingdom. Make other planets your colonies to earn different resources and build up your super power. This is your era!

-Train your super power become the ace pilot-

Chain together attacks with your friends in Arena, fight with all your robots that deals incredible damage to all enemies, the epic Legion War with the classic war-chess mixed fights are waiting for you. Come on! The fire is burning!


-Relive Your Favorite Moments from the Super Robot War-

The tale begins in your mobile phone. With a large number of story maps, classic characters and dialogue brings you back the best robot era in such gorgeous 3D setting and rich game Plays and strategy! Here legends never end!


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