Update Samba FileSharing JB|玩不用錢工具App

Update Samba FileSharing JB|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

*** Your device must be rooted!!! ***

V1 beta 7

Fixed issue for terminals without busybox already installed.

This is a patch to update SambaFileSharing\'s files V111107m to continue working with Jelly Bean.

Tested on

Galaxy S2\nCM10 / CM10.1

Galasy SIII\nStock 4.1.2 + rooted

Installation :

Install Samba FileSharing 111107m from play store and start it minimum one time.

Start update Samba FileSharing wait it to find Samba FileSharing and click install button.

You are ready to use Samba FileSharing on JB.

Update Samba FileSharing JB|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Warning : When you click on install button the SambaFileSharing\'s files are modified, to rollback to original version, you must reinstall SambaFileSharing.


It is not possible to reply to comments, and it is also impossible to identify who has left the comment. So if you have issues please send me Email with the following log data :

start SambaFileSharingUpdate

click on install the patch

start Samba FileSharing

click diseable

click enable

click diseable

click enable

Go in Samba FileSharing settings and generates logs and take it back to me.

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