VCN Text Plus Private|玩不用錢通訊App

VCN Text Plus Private|玩通訊App免費|玩APPs

TextPlus app for business communication with consumers on an invitation only

VCN Text Plus Private|玩通訊App免費|玩APPs

Private chats with people you wish to follow up with after a business interview to learn more about their daily lives.

Text Plus allow you to do private secured chats with company employees and have that chat session terminated and removed from the employees phones if they are no longer with the company.

Text Plus also allow you to do private one on one or group chats for small projects and have the records saved and accessible anytime and anywhere.

This app is perfect for businesses who need a private secured way to communicate with an audience or internally.

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VCN Text Plus Private玩免錢App

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