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Weight, BMI Tracker|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

Weight, BMI Tracker: (BMI: Body Mass Index)

Every day, you can review and analyze the body, BMI, weight to track to your desired weight.

- Helps you track the index related to body weight as: weight, BMI, lose, ideal weight, losing weight, targeting weight;

- Allows you to calculate the index of the body such as: calculate to reach weight, weight diary, keeping weight, normal weight, success index, and suited weight;

- Monitor your weight using an efficient interactive chart:

- Help you to achieve your ideal weight.

- Easy see the weight loss and the gain on the chart.

“Weight, BMI Tracker” app brings you the daily your information :

- Monitor BMI, body, weight: Previous weight, current weight, and the weight you want to achieve detailed parameters

Weight, BMI Tracker|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

- import your weight daily or weekly for review advice on the results when you do anything.

- Estimation and evaluation of BMI, body, weight over the chart

- Based on the BMI, body, weight and then apps calculate and analysis chart fit you are overweight, or underweight or normal weight standards.

- Weight Loss tracker: Current height you want your weight gain is how much?

- Allows you to diet for the purpose of weight loss or weight gain

Main Features (Weight, BMI Tracker) :

- Weight tracker with option to track the BMI, body, weight based on age, height, body

- Calculates BMI (Body Mass Index)

- Calculates body and percentage body fat

Weight, BMI Tracker|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

- Uses chart to shows your overall weight loss progress over time.

- Remind your weight to increase or decrease

- May be represented in between Lb (LBM, pound) and kg (kilogram), Cm(centimeter) and ft(feet)

- Input data (weight, age, body, height) into the database.

- Setting for configurations initial app.

“Weight, BMI Tracker” recommend the amount of time necessary to achieve that goal based on weight, height, body, and fat, gender and current age. Besides, the application allows you to save “Weight log”:

- The loss or the gain between two day/month.

- Information’s on the weight: BMI, Body Fat %, note and rate (sport and diet).

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Weight, BMI Tracker|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

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Weight, BMI Tracker|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

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