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Weight Training|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

Total of 12 minutes

Muscle training that can be done at home

Training that is possible without special equipment such as dumbbells.

As we do not use equipment, you can perform the training while watching TV, before bedtime and at wherever you wish.

In addition, as 12 minutes daily is sufficient, people who do not have time can easily continue with this training.

Train your muscles and say farewell to flabby stomachs!

Weight Training|玩健康App免費|玩APPs


● Training Poses

There are three different poses, each differing in terms of intensity. You can select the training that is suitable for your level.

Training Parts

- Arm

Weight Training|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

- Chest

- Back

- Abs

- Leg

- Butt

● Time measurement and counting

Count by sound. Training time (30 secs x 3 sets).

Weight Training|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

● Monitoring by Calendar

Training time for each item is recorded in the calendar.

● Creating [My Menu]

Custom make your own training set and create a menu.

By setting a daily item, MENU is useful because it prevents trainee from returning to the MENU screen but to proceed to the next screen.

It is also useful when doing circuit training.

Weight Training|玩健康App免費|玩APPs


You can change the break time between training as well as the tone of the count.

Weight Training|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

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