Who is more popular?|玩不用錢益智App

Who is more popular?|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Who is more famous? The Higher Lower Game is a internet sensation nowadays, are you ready to have unlimited fun?

In this simple and addicting game you will have to choose if the person/object/whatever in the top area has higher lower average monthly searches than the one placed in the bottom. Try to get the higher score and challenge your friends, lets put an example

Who is more popular?|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

What is more popular? tube tycoon vs youtubers life , now imagine that youtubers life has more than 5000 monthly average searches meanwhile tube tycoon has 2000, only in the case you that you selected the top arrow in youtubers life you will win and pass to the next challenge.

This game is based in another of our top games , would you rather where you need to choose between two possible options. the main difference with our would you rather is that in this one you only need to guess and not to take happy wheels decisions!

Who is more popular?|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Played more than 5milion times this internet happy wheels sensation was discovered by famous youtubers pewdiepie and yosoygerman

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Happy and funny playing!

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