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The workout mix is your only resource for the best motivational & inspirational workout mixes compiled in one app. The workout mix is made up of 15+ music mixes that will keep you moving during your daily workout routines. Tired of listening to the same thing every day at the gym or in your car? So were we! That is why we are committed to providing a monthly music update.The workout mix is perfect for Jogging, Running, Cycling, The Gym, Fitness Classes, High Intense Cardio Workouts, Weight Lifting, Sporting Events, and General Get Togethers with Friends or House Parties. Just stream one of the many musical choices to your mobile device and you are ready to go. Ever Wonder Why People around you are always smiling when you’re not? Are You Lacking Energy, Always Tired & barely make it through your daily workouts after a long day?

Get Up & Do something about it!!!! Download The Workout Mix app & Feel better about yourself. Music Is The Key To Life, Energy & Happiness!!! Below are lists of features that are bundle into this great app.

Music Mixes:

1. Top 40 Dance

2. Top 40 Dance Remixes

3. Club Music

Workout Mix|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

4. Progressive House

5. Electro

6. Dance House

7. Tech House

8. Techno

9. Freestyle

Workout Mix|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

10. Latin Mix

11. Deep House

12. Rock

13. Inspirational

14. Cool Down

15. Chill Out

Workout Mix|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

16. Dub Step and Much More….

Gym Locator: Find a local gym near you

Detailed Workout Guide: This will assist you with your everyday workout needs

Workout Mix|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

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