World Cup Live Score|玩不用錢運動App

World Cup Live Score|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

This application provides FIFA Football World Cup 2014 matches information, including schedules, teams, group standing, match odds, top scorers, top players in a nicely presented format.

It is easy to use and you can quickly access the optimized contents by swiping between screens.

Main Features:

+ schedule of all matches in World Cup 2014 Brazil championship

World Cup Live Score|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

+ information of qualified teams, top scorers, table, groups, draw, playoffs, date, time and venue

+ real-time update of match results, scores, odds and group standings as the tournament progresses

+ events selections by teams, groups, match types

+ expert summary of top players

World Cup Live Score|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

+ auto convert match times to your phone configured time zone

+ small app size

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