diffCount v 1.2

Created by Theodore Feintuch on 5/24/13.

Copyright (c) 2013 Theodore Feintuch. All rights reserved.

This App will be helpful to those who need to evaluate a peripheral blood film in the absence of automated or manual equipment. By tapping the image corresponding to the cell seen under the microscope, the tally of that image will be incremented as well as the total cells counted and all the relative percentages.


The "Undo" button will delete the last cell entered and change the tally for that cell as well the total and all the percentages.

The "Clear" button will zero all the tallies, the total and all the percentages.

The “Voice” button will trigger a computer generated voice response to the button selected announcing the cell type. The voice function also works during “undo” actions. A voice message will announce the one hundredth cell counted.

A label under the Voice button announces the current state of the Voice function.

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