myTripTracker is a GPS tracking app. It records the movement of the phone and reports it back to you in several ways. Features are . . .

REAL TIME GPS STATS: The GPS screen displays your speed, direction, longitude, latitude, altitude, and accuracy even when recording is not turned on.

STRAIGHT LINE DISTANCE MEASURMENT: The Mark & Measure function can tell you how far you hit the golf ball, or other distance measurement.


TRIP MEASURMENT: The trip recording function creates a 3D breadcrumb trail of any trip the phone is taken on. The Map screen shows the phone creating the breadcrumb trail real time as the phone moves. You can save the trip on the local phone and restore it back to the Phone's map at any time. Your total distance, average speed, and time taken are recorded. You can tell the app to send you an email with your trip file included where you can then view the trip 3D on Google Earth, Bing Maps, or Google Maps on your PC or Mac.

If you turn on REAL TIME TRACKING your phone’s trip can be tracked as it occurs at your PC or MAC by going to . Your trip can also be tracked from another Windows Phone 7 by using our companion app: RealTimeSpy.



Caravaning : the leader of the caravan runs PhoneStalker and other members run RealTimeSpy. Everyone can see where the leader is no matter how far they are away.

Travelers who want to keep their family or friends aware of where they are.

Family and friends who want to track where travelers are.


Parents who want to keep track of where their children are.

Seeing a map of the terrain around you and being able to zoom in and out.

Compare repetitive workouts walking, running, or biking.


When you park your car, turn on PhoneStalker so you have a breadcrum trail back to your car.

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