photo2cloud demo|玩不用錢攝影App

photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

A must have for photography fans!

Save your photo albums once, access them everywhere: Pc, Mac, TV, Web, smartphone, tablet.

Use unlimited number of accounts with free space included. Currently the following cloud providers are supported:

-4Shared (15GB free/account)

photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

-Microsoft Skydrive (7GB free/account)

-Google Drive (5GB free/account)

-Box (5GB free/account)

-Dropbox (2GB free/account)

-Picasa (1GB free/account)

photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

-Flickr (300MB upload/month free)

With just one account on each provider you will get 35GB of free space for your photos. In 1GB you can save approximately 600 Photos.


-Full resolution photo upload.

photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

-Select the cloud provider and use your existing accounts or create new ones on the fly if you need more space for free.

-Link photo albums to cloud folders and set the synchronization options.

-Easy to turn on and off. When in "background" it continues to upload the photos¹.

-Visual upload queue with progress status.

photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

-Visual log with details of the sent pictures.

-Set it and forget it! Fine-tune the reminder to be sure all your photos are safe in the cloud.

-Choose between simple and advanced user interface.

-Use the Hints menu to get a quick help.

photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

The Trial/Free version is fully featured and limited to 5 photo upload daily.

Expect more providers soon.

Get more on:


photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs


Twitter: @photo2cloud

Youtube: search "photo2cloud" for a brief tutorial

¹The application uses background transfers that will process batches of 5 photos at a time. When in background once the batch is finished you will have to bring the application to the front for the next batch.

photo2cloud demo|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

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